Foot Corns, Calluses & Cysts Treatment

Foot Corns

Corns are essentially small calluses.  They occur around bone areas on the toes but usually on the top or between toes.

What causes foot corns?

Usually the cause is from shoes that don’t fit properly, or if hammertoes, bunions or other toe issues are prominent.  

Foot Corn Treatment Options:

  • Trimming away excess skin. 
  • Callus-removing medication. 
  • Shoe inserts. 
  • Surgery. 


Foot Calluses

A callus (also known as hyperkeratosis), is a flattened area of thick skin.  Like corns, they also occur from excessive pressure on the skin on the feet.  Corns are smaller and calluses are larger flatter areas.


Foot Cysts

Also known as ganglion cysts, foot cysts are tumors or swellings on top of joints or the covering of a tendon.  There is a is a thick, sticky, clear, colorless, jellylike material inside of the foot cyst.